The Healthcare Marketplace Has New Lower Costs!

The Healthcare Marketplace Has New Lower Costs!

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Written by: Benavest

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June 9, 2021

The American Rescue plan Act of 2021 has made it possible for many more people to get help with their health insurance costs. Those that were previously receiving help for their health insurance will have more help than ever before. 


Additionally, the open enrollment period has been extended through August 15 2021. 


If you are new to the healthcare marketplace simply create a new account here. It is a simple process to make a new account and you should be able to finish in less than 10 minutes or so.


If you already have a marketplace plan:


  • log in to your account so you can take advantage of these extra savings. Submit your marketplace application again to see what else you qualify for.
  • If you qualify for more tax credits you may reselect your same plan and shop for a new plan. Do some research to find the best coverage for you.


Make sure to share this post with family and friends and spread the news of the new 2021 enrollment period.


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