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Short Term Health Insurance

Melvin, our agent, will help you understand more about short term health insurance. Watch this video to help you make a decision if this option is the right fit for you.

Short Term Health Key Benefits


Young individuals with moderate – high income may find that this is a good fit with plans starting at $40/month.

Best For Transitions

Short-term plans are great for people that are in transition between jobs, waiting for employer coverage to start, recently graduated from college, or any other event that causes you to need short-term coverage until you can get a plan otherwise.

Enrollment Is Always Available

It’s possible for you to register anytime of the year and become a member

Compare Your Affordable Health Insurance Options

Short Term

Short Term Option


Very low cost for healthy individuals that have high income and don’t qualify for ACA

High deductible available to reduce premiums

Good national networks

Plans last up to 364 days with renewals

Considered insurance



Most Affordable


Financial assistance for low income individuals and families, lowering costs

No coverage limits

Plans with low deductibles and copays

Great networks (dependent on local areas)

Considered Insurance



Lowest Cost


Super low cost for a family

Great network

Low copays

May combine short term for hospitals

Good way to see doctors for low cost


Best Times To Apply For Short Term Health Insurance

Retired Early

Short term health insurance can help keep you covered until you’re eligible for Medicare.

Between Jobs

Whether your between jobs or out of work for a while, you can pick up a short term plan that substitutes the coverage offered by your previous employer.

Waiting For Coverage

Waiting for the new plans to come out next year? Get short term health insurance that will keep you covered until then.

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