The Best Off-Exchange Major Medical Pans

Find The Best Plans Available To You – There Are So Many Options

The Best Off-Exchange Major Medical Pans

Find The Best Plans Available To You – There Are So Many Options

Major Medical Key Benefits

Affordable Obamacare Enrollment


It is important to find an affordable plan that suits your needs. Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect plan for you. You can check out off-exchange plans and see what they offer.

Always Covered Obamacare Enrollmentovered Obamacare Enrollment

Don't Qualify?

Off-Exchange plans can be a great option for an individual or family that does not qualify for an Obamacare plan. Most of the plans come with all the same benefits.

Obamacare Enrollment Options


Some off-exchange plans offer very low premiums and could be a good option for someone that does not qualify for Obamacare and or does not visit the doctor’s office often.

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I have been visiting this company for a while now and Danny always has the best options for me to choose from!

Patty C.


Great health insurance!

Brian D.


These guys are awesome I walked into the office and they got someone to help me right away.

Samantha H.

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Additional Off-Exchange Plan Information

Starting at $0 / month
Financial assistance for low income individuals and families, effevtivley lowering costs
No coverage limits
Enhanced plans wih low deductibles and copays
Great networks (dependant on local areas)
Considered Insurance
High income families may not qualify for subsidies and plans may become unaffordable
Enrollment must be done from Nov. 1st - Dec. 15th
May fall into an area without quality plans / networks
Health Share
Starting at $109 / month
Low monthly costs for healthy families
One of the largest networks in the country
Enroll at any time of the year
Exempt from obamacare tax penalty
Not considered insurance
Coverage limits
Must follow guidelines
Members vote on coverage
Short Term
Starting at $40 / month
Very low cost for healthy individuals that have high income and don't qualify for ACA / Obamacare financial assistance
High deductible available to reduce monthly costs
Good national networks
Plans last up to 364 days with optional renewal
Considered insurance
Low - high deductibles
Coverage limits
Not for people who want to visit doctors on a regular basis
Starting at $10 / month
Super low cost for a family
Great network
Low copays
May combine short term for hospital coverage
Good way to see doctors for low cost
No Hospital or surgical coverage
Many coverage limits
Not considered insurance

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