Providing Top of The Line Insurance Contracts – Marketing – Training For Insurance Agents & Brokers


Providing Top Of The Line Insurance Contracts – Marketing – Training For Insurance Agents & Brokers

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Vanguard Insurance & Financial Services

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Contracting We Offer For Agents And Brokers

Check out the carriers we provide for ACA.

Write ACA Wherever, Whenever. All Available Carriers

We provide agents top of the line contracts and commissions for all ACA carriers. Our focus is on the client, so we provide agents the top carriers for every market.

Free Marketing Options For Agents And Brokers

Check out the free marketing options available to BenaVest agents

Free Personal Websites
BenaVest agents have the option to get a free fully built-out dedicated website that comes with all the services they provide. This website comes Search Engine Optimized for increased local traffic. The service pages are built for conversion and all leads will funnel into a dedicated spreadsheet for the agent. You can use this website to advertise all over the web.
Free Advertisements
We provide free advertisement packs for internet marketing. Whether it is social media or other display networks, our eye-catching ad creatives will help you convert more consumers online.
Free Email Template
We have Free Promo Email Templates that can help you attract new customers. These emails are a great tool for cross-selling product lines.
Free Carrier Resources
Gain insight into all carriers that we offer in your industry. Also, find quick links and brochures to help gain new prospects.

Free Agent Website – Landing Pages For Lead Generation

See the free agent webpages you earn when you contract through BenaVest

Free ACA Landing Page

We provide agents a modern designed ACA landing page that is made for conversion whether it is through the pages contact for or a personalized online self quoting software.

Top Tier On-Demand Product Training

We have training for all of our product lines. These are top-tier presentations for sale conversions.

Masterclass: ACA Sales With BenaVest & Agent Name

We provide agents a top of the line training program to go from no sales to a top producer. This webinar goes over the ACA Sales Process Flow in a simple step by step.