Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance


Guarantee Tomorrow.  Focus On Today.

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

Guaranteed Issue Insurance is a type of financial-protection coverage that delivers cash into a named beneficiary upon the insured’s passing. What makes it special is that the providers offer this to applicants no matter their health. Guaranteed issue life insurance is commonly a last resort for people who can’t qualify for life insurance due to their present or previous health problems and who don’t have the option to purchase life insurance as a benefit through their company.

What Stands Out With Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?




Our Policies Have Built-In Riders At No Charge

Spousal Bonus Rider

A cost-free first-to-die rider that pays an additional $1,000 on the first death if both spouses apply for a policy at the same time


Get Your 100% of Your Death Benefit



Receive an Additional Thousand Dollars

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

  • Initial Face Amount ($10,000)
  • Ultimate Death Benefit ($12.500)
  • Spousal Bonus Rider


Will Insurance Companies Accept My Application?

One of the best things about guaranteed issue life insurance is that companies will always accept you. The only thing that shuts off your oppurtunity with guaranteed issue insurance, is if you don’t pay the premiums.

Will I Qualify For Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

For those who don’t qualify in other policies such as term life insurance or even simplifies issue life insurance, they can always refer to guaranteed issue life insurance as a “last resort”. while there are many better options, coverage is always better than no coverage.

What Can I Use My Guaranteed Life Insurance On?

With guaranteed issue insurance, you could easily use the coverage money to pay off your final expenses / funeral expenses. while it’s very hard to get insurance at an old age and being ill, guaranteed issue could still be of use to the elderly.

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