Small Business Health Insurance Affordable Options & Self Funded Policies

Made For The Business Owner And The Employees

See What A Group Health Insurance Plan Can Do For You..

Check out how you can save money and provide benefits to your employees.

Property Tax Reduction Mitigation

Property taxes make up over 1/3 of taxes paid by u.s. businesses and are often overcharged by 15-20%.

Payroll-Based Employer Tax Credits

many companies qualify for federal tax incentives based simply on the amount of their annual payroll.

Construction & Purchase Incentives

commercial property purchases or renovations within the last 20 years can qualify for federal incentives.


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Businesses All Over America Have Been Affected by Tax Hikes. Our Average Client Receives Over $240,000 in Benefits. Get an Estimated Benefit in 30 Seconds!

Product Of The Month

The New Self-Funded Insurance Option Makes Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses a Viable Option. Small Employers Can Now Have Self-Funding In Place Without Owing Additional Funds at the End of the Year

Small Business Health Insurance Options Made Simple

Check out how you can save money and provide benefits to your employees..

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