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Understanding Life Insurance

Get the gist of some of the most common life insurance policies


Burial Life insurance is one of the most popular options in the life insurance industry. The plan offers up to $25,000 in death benefits to the beneficiaries, while still being extremely affordable for the policyholder. With more than a few options to choose from, burial life insurance is typically an easy fit for anyone.


Whole life insurance is the most common type of permanent life insurance. The payments are the same every month. And some whole life insurance policies can be completely paid for after a certain number of years. Because the policy earns a fixed rate of interest, cash value can be easily predicted. One of the best life insurance policies to choose from.


Estate planning can eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. There have been many cases where 50% of the estate or more is paid out in taxes. Big mistake!


The major advantage of Universal Life insurance is flexibility: you can change the protection level of the policy and you control the amount of frequency of payments. This life insurance offers protection for your family and strategies for leaving a legacy to them through the cash value.


Term life insurance may provide great essential protection for your family. It is much less expensive than other life insurance options. The downside of term life insurance is that once the term ends, the coverage ends or the premiums could increase dramatically.


Not enough time to take a medical exam? Not a problem. With our no medical exam policies, you can get life insurance without the complicated process of examination or medical history. No blood, no urine, and no doctors that have to check up with you every here and there.

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Find local agents nationwide that are trained, certified, and licensed to sell! Our agents keep it professional and know all the best plans in your area.

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We help our clients step-by-step to getting the best policy for them at the best price. We handle the dirty work, making it as stress-free as possible for buyers.

Find Funeral Plan That Redefines Protection And Affordability

What This Plan Covers

Discover a plan that costs only up to $75/month for 7 members! These are very low cost Burial Plans which will also take care of the following costs

Funeral and cremation services


Transfer of the deceased


Death certificate

Air fare (round trip) for policy owner

Best Life Insurance

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We offer the Best Cheap Life Insurance services that help individuals / companies find the perfect Life Insurance plan suited for them!

Burial Insurance / Plan The Perfect Funeral

Final Expense Insurance


No Exam / No Hassle Life Insurance


Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Living Benefits / Financial Assistance Due To Illness

Disability Insurance / Income Protection

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