Coronavirus And Your Health Plan

Coronavirus And Your Health Plan

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July 12, 2021

With the coronavirus spreading more every day, it is important to know how your health insurance can help you in the event that you ever contract the virus. 


Will my health plan cover coronavirus?

The short answer is: yes. Coronavirus is like any other illness and therefore your health plan will cover it in the same way. You may need to pay for copay or coinsurance and deductibles when you get treated for it. However, depending on your insurer and the state you live in, even those costs will get waived.


What if I am hospitalized in a medical facility?

This will be covered just like any other in-patient facility. Some costs may apply depending on your plan. But medically necessary care is covered by all major medical health insurance plans.


What if I have to self-quarantine at home?

Your insurance will not pay you to quarantine yourself at home. It is up to your employer to compensate for the loss of income. You may be able to use paid time off or your employer could pay you a leave of absence. While self quarantining you may find the need to go visit the hospital and this will be covered by your health insurance.


Am I covered for the immunization against coronavirus?

Currently, there are no immunizations for the novel coronavirus. However, when an immunization becomes broadly available your health insurance plan will likely cover it. 


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