Can I Get Affordable Care Act (ACA) Insurance If I Have Diabetes?

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November 16, 2020

How the affordable care act helps


Because of the ACA health insurance companies can not discriminate against you in any way if you have or had a medical condition including diabetes. If you have diabetes your health insurance provider can not deny you or increase the cost of coverage.


The ACA also made an annual maximum that you will ever pay for medical expenses and made it so there is an unlimited amount of money in healthcare that can be provided to you. Therefore, if you have an existing chronic condition that regularly needs attention, you will only ever need to pay the maximum amount of money out of pocket in a year and continue to receive care even after that limit is reached.


ACA health insurance affordability


Marketplace plans can be quite affordable. These affordable plans are made even more affordable if you qualify for subsidies. These subsidies include credits that are used to pay for your monthly premium and/or reduced pricing on other medical expenses like coinsurance or deductibles. You can enroll in an ACA plan during the Open Enrollment Period or during a Special Enrollment Period if you have a qualifying life event.


ACA health insurance benefits


Because of the ACA, all health insurance purchased on the Marketplace covers essential health benefits. These benefits include prescription drugs, mental health care, emergency care, pre-existing conditions, and more. So for anyone with diabetes, supplies like glucose test strips, insulin pumps, and other supplies are covered as well.

Medicaid, (CHIP) Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicare


You may be able to qualify for Medicaid, CHIP, or Medicare if you have low income. You can enroll for Medicaid or CHIP at any time, during Open Enrollment Period or not. Medicare is available to individuals 65 or older.


For more information on insurance plans look here.


Source: Healthsherpa.com


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