Are Medicare Advantage Plans Right for Me?

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Written by: Benavest

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February 25, 2020

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage plans are all inclusive plans that cover your Part A, B, and D of an original Medicare plan. These plans are held by a private insurance company partnered with the government to bring better insurance options to you.


What’s The Advantage?

These plans include more..

Like dental, vision, hearing benefits, fitness memberships, and wellness coaches. The benefits in a plan can vary but these are a few of them.

Premiums And Cost

You will continue to pay a Medicare Part B premium in addition to any premium of the insurance company.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, thes plans use coordinated care within a certain network, to provide an affordable all inclusive Medicare plan.



Make sure while choosing a plan, that it has your existing doctors or the providers you plan to work with in the future. Some plans let you go out of your provider network at a higher cost.


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