1. Download Socials To Promo Your Landing Page On Social Media

  1. Post your link into the Social Media post section and wait for the page to load then delete the link.
  2. Add a description for your post to give it more context.
  3. DON’T forget to delete the link.
  4. Click the post and boost post to promote it to the area around you.
  5. Request BenaVest to match your advertising budgets for social media.

Download These Social Creatives

Make sharing on your social media a breeze with posts that lead to your customized landing page. We provide agents with updated social media posts and advertisements to help them stay relevant through our fresh new vibrant post and we consistently see agents thrive. You can use these creatives to the best advantage when linking them to your own landing page sites where potential agents will register for contracting.

Download Social Creative

Get a copy of our Ancillary social creative to advertise for agents.

Request Budget Match

Request a budget match here, BenaVest will match you any proven social media ad spend to help you double business.

2. Recruit Agents Using Our Emails Templates

(Which will give them access to powerpoint trainings and marketing materials)

  1. Go and copy the email contents and paste into the body section of the email you are sending out.
  2. Change all info to your contact information as well as all text directed to change in the email.
  3. Change the button links to your own personal form links or to your referral landing page.
  4. Fill out the To and Subject fields and send!
  5. You can add any additional info into the email as well.
  6. Change the registration links to your own dedicated recruitment page so agents can register for the webinar.
  7. You will receive an email with the information of the person who registered from your own landing page.
  8. You will then have to register them using the registration link below.
  9. The registration link can be found below the email templates here.

Ancillary Email Template

An Ancillary Training email template made for you to email agents.

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Expand your agent profile and contract with more carriers within more product lines.

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