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Ambetter Benefits

Ambetter is one of the best carriers to buy a plan from. They have a lot to offer for a great affordable plan near you.


Affordable Dental and Vision Insurance

Pediatric vision is an essential health benefit available in all Ambetter plans. Pediatric dental care plans are also available and can be purchased separately. And, adult vision and dental insurance plans are available in some states.


Ambetter Telehealth

24/7 medical help from doctors via video and phone, with $0 co-pay. Ambetter Telehealth gives you access to doctors for non-emergency health issues or questions. Request a prescription or ask for medical advice by video or phone, 24/7. Plus, there’s no co-pay when you use in-network telehealth providers.


Health Management Programs

Find personalized help managing your chronic health condition so you have fewer complications. Through our health management programs, we offer telephone support, educational tools and behavioral health services, including depression management programs. See how our health management programs helped Sophie, an Ambetter member.

Ambetter Plans

Get the best Ambetter insurance plan for you. BenaVest has hundreds of agents on stand by ready to help you find the best and most affordable plan for you.


Ambetter Bronze Select

Essential Care plans cover your essential healthcare needs. Typically, you'd see lower monthly premiums, but potentially higher out-of-pocket costs if you end up needing a lot of care.


Ambetter Silver Select

Balanced Care plans provide the best value and most balance between your monthly premium payments and out-of-pocket costs, especially if you're eligible for financial assistance.


Ambetter Gold Select

You'll have peace of mind for all your healthcare needs with Secure Care. Expect higher monthly premium payments to help limit your out-of-pocket costs later.

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Ambetter Plans FAQ

We have all of your questions answered before you ask them

Can I pay my bill online?

Ambetter offers convenient, online bill payment options. Auto pay saves you time and is worry-free. You can set up recurring or automatic payments on the same day each month. That way you’ll always pay on time. You choose the payment method (debit or credit card or withdraw from your bank account). Then choose a date between the 15th and last day of the month to pay your bill. You can also make one-time online payments through your member account. Find instructions for Auto Pay or to make a one-time payment in your online member account.

Is my Ambetter health insurance plan automatically renewed for next year?

If you are an Ambetter member, you will receive renewal information in the fall, with details for next year’s Ambetter coverage. Review your renewal information closely. If you don’t need to make any plan changes, they will automatically renew your coverage. Then, your coverage will start on January 1 of the next year. If you want to make changes, just call them and they’ll help you explore your options.

What are In-Network providers?

An in-network provider is a doctor or facility that's part of your Ambetter health insurance plan. They have a contract with your health insurance company for their services at a set cost. When you visit an in-network provider, the cost is less than visiting an out-of-network provider. You can search for and select Ambetter in-network doctors, facilities and pharmacies through their Find a Doctor tool.

What is Ambetter Telehealth?

Ambetter Telehealth provides members with 24/7 medical help from doctors via video and phone. Whenever you need help, you can have a video call with a provider. You can ask health questions or get a diagnosis for non-emergency health issues. Plus, there’s no copay when you use in-network telehealth providers. Teladoc is Ambetter's partner for Telehealth. To set up an Ambetter Telehealth call, log in to your online member account and follow the instructions.


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