3 Ways To Use Your Health Insurance Even When You Are Not Sick

3 Ways To Use Your Health Insurance Even When You Are Not Sick

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May 27, 2021

It is a good practice to use your health insurance even when you are not sick. Here are 3 ways to use your health insurance when you are healthy.

  1. Get some free preventive services done. Shots test screening and more services are available free of charge to you with a marketplace plan. Ask your doctor which preventive services are right for you.

  2. Take the time to find out where you need to go for care. Many plans offer different choices when it comes to your hospital network. So it is a good idea to know which facilities are covered in your plan and which facilities you like most.

  3. Read your summary of benefits. Your summary of benefits is chock full of information that pertains to your plan. You can find out the cost of covered services, the cost of your prescription medication, and even the maximum amount that you will pay in a year for your healthcare.

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